Comprehensive TreatmentCHIROPRACTIC CARERestore proper movement and optimize functionA Physical Therapy ModalityFIBROMYALGIA & MYOFASCIAL PAINFrequency Specific Microcurrent TherapyAn Integrated Approach…ANTI-AGINGMicrocurrent FacialMASSAGE THERAPY

Comprehensive Treatment


Restore proper movement and optimize function

As primary care practitioners, chiropractors can develop and carry out a comprehensive treatment and management plan, which may include manual therapy, exercise, and nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counselling.

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A Physical Therapy Modality


Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy

Many sufferers have seen a remarkable reduction in pain and inflammation in a short time from Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy (FSM) and are able to experience a better quality of life.

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An Integrated Approach…


Microcurrent Facial

The Microcurrent Facial is one of the latest procedures in anti-aging protocols and is a non-invasive and comfortable alternative to facial surgery, botox, thermage, dermabrasion, chemical peels and other anti-aging approaches that either treat only the local area or are damaging to the skin.

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Massage therapy has been shown to relieve depression, especially in people who have chronic fatigue syndrome; other studies also suggest benefit for other populations.

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Dr. Ed Semph DC on 569 Main St. W.  Winchester, ON

Chiropractic treatment is a safe, well-known, hands-on approach for headaches, neck and back pain. It does not involve treatment using drugs and surgery. Chiropractors’ primary focus is to treat the spinal nervous system by adjusting subluxations (joint dysfunction) which cause nerve irritation (pinched nerve syndrome)and contribute to pain, dysfunction and eventually impact your  daily activities. Chiropractors use their hands and some instruments to perform an adjustment. The adjustment involves a gentle, quick movement directed at the vertebrae to improve position and function. This reduces the subluxation and the interference to the nerves. Getting you healthy takes time.    Why?

Subluxations, if left alone over time will lead to joint dysfunction & degeneration. A course of regular adjustments is necessary, just like regular exercise is necessary to correct the problem and balance the nervous system. Many patients come to the chiropractor after having neglected their spine for many years. It takes time to get sick and therefore it takes time to get healthy.

**Dr. Semph also received post graduate training to adjust shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and feet.